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[FANACC] 130630 “SHINee World 2013 ~ Boys Meet U” at Saitama Day 3

  • MC segment……Today Jonghyun finally changed a joke, and said the joke yesterday in an opposite manner, 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 4th floor Key said “I don’t even know where is where, Jonghyun said there’s 4th floor? Are there any (fans) on the 5th floor? Today Key is all sorts of cute. 
  • When singing Sunny Day Hero and walking to substage, Jonghyun pulled on Minho’s hand.
  • Taemin rode the baby car
  • Key: Those who likes Key the best please raise your hands! (Fans screamed) Jonghyun was unsatisfied: Those who likes Jonghyun the best also raise your hands! Key: You’re so annoying. Jonghyun looked like he wanted to rebutt: What’s with you.. Key: What? What me? What what what what? Then Jonghyun went completely quiet.
  • Jonghyun first hit Minho’s butt with the lightstick then hit his shoulders and later his head.
  • During Kiss Yo , Taemin appeared with a yellow hat and was holding a Drum-Stick like toy. Initially , Onew was in the pram, then taemin took over and Onew pushed him from behind. But he eventually pushed till Taemin fell out of the pram .. He then quickly ran off with the pram.
  • Onew ran and jumped onto the apple care really fast and at the same time, he pulled off the stalk.
    During the first MC session, Jonghyun was introducing the album and Onew was wiping his sweat seriously. After the introduction, Jonghyun asked Onew “Correct?” Onew was surprised then replied that he wasn’t listening to Jonghyun.
  • After Key talked about people who have heard the album but cant remember the lyrics , he suddenly asked those key-bias to raise their hands. Then the members started making unhappy noises , especially Jonghyun who said : How can you be like this ? You are so sly . 
    Key rebutted and said What ? what ? what ?! The others then remained silent
  • During Beautiful, Minho was rapping at the front, at the back Jonghyun and Key were slapping palms with each other with so much joy all the way until the rap ended, then they separated.
  • Minho stared and pointed at my fan! Flying kiss! Flying Kiss! Flying Kiss!
  • The song after Kiss Yo! Again there were a lot of children cars that appeared. Today there’s a baby car too and Taemin sat on it while Onew pushed it. In the end when they went down the stairs, the car flipped and Taemin forward roll-ed out of the car and still, he climbed back in the car! Finally after going back to the main stage, Onew just dragged the car along and left Taemin behind, then Taemin ran behind Onew. He was wearing a little yellow hat.
  • (T/N: This was probably during MC segment.) Taemin seems to have lost focus,totally not listening. Minho:”Taemin are you listening?” Taemin, with a flustered look:” Eh?”
  • Today during encore Minho wanted to kiss Jonghyun, Jonghyun said no, hahaha, Minho kept going Jonghyun. Is minho trying to take revenge for what happened yesterday? SHINee World, it’s ending soon.
  • SHINee Boys Meet U Japan Arena Tour — During SHINee World, Taemin held a big flag
  • Jonghyun mentioned about distance again, then he did a hand signal and step by step went closer to Minho, both of them as if acting a two-man show. After getting closer, they hugged. Minho wanted to kiss Jonghyun again, Jonghyun said “No, no, I don’t like it.” Then Key started to sing Kiss Kiss Kiss, Minho also joined in as he moved closer towards Jonghyun, Jonghyun kept moving backwards and saying “Stop it!” Key ran away as he was singing, Jonghyun, at the back, kept chasing and saying “Stop it!”, Minho kept chasing Jonghyun…
  •  SHINee wore pink tee for encore stage today
  • Taemin wrote his own name at the brim of his hat, and asked us if we could see it, saying he is Lee Taemin! Minho said the pearl aqua sea is pretty, but of course everyone is prettier. After saying that he felt very shy. Onew said he’s hungry. 
  • The last song for the JAT .. Minho pointed to the words on the Tshirt. Jonghyun said : Stomach ? 

    But its actually , BOYS MEET U..
  • Jonghyun kept acting cute while holding a fan-given Dinosaur
  • Jonghyun asked for all the lights to be turned off, then he used his handphone to take a photo of the Pearl Aqua ocean.
  • Before it ended, Jonghyun said the Pearl Aqua Ocean is really pretty,and he asked for everyone to raise their lightsticks,also asked the staff to switch off all lightings. The lighting crew probably didn’t understand what he meant,lights in some of the areas in the venue still remained turned on,Jonghyun:”That’s too much!” Onew:”For the sake of being able to take pictures by themselves they are not turning off the lights!” After that with the help of the translator,finally all the lights were switched off, and finally could see the beautiful Pearl Aqua Ocean. 
  • At the beginning of sherlock when they posed and Jongkey were facing each other, at the intro both of them were shaking their heads as they looked at each other, so cute! 
  • Although Minho and Onew didn’t hug today, but they held hands and threw their lightsticks.
  • Today at the last MC part, Key: The last song is the name of our tour this time.. while he said, he pointed at the words “BOYS MEET U” on members’ shirts.(He probably pointed somewhere near the stomach) then Minho criticised: “You’re saying the next song is called ‘Stomach’?!” Jonghyun:”If the song name is ‘Stomach’ then wouldn’t it be very weird?” Minho:”I’m hungry” 
  • Don’t know which fan Jonghyun got a little Charmeleon from, he kept holding it beside his face and did facial expressions, after it ended he didn’t even forget to bring it away with him. In the end he wanted to take a photo of the pearl aqua ocean,requested for all lights to be switched off, and asked all of us to raise our lightsticks. Onew criticised saying that because of your (Jonghyun) own photo, when the lights are switched on, Onew sat on the floor and commented on how well he had slept, Minho alone danced a part of SNSD’s Gee, after Onew saw him doing that he went to join him.
  • The last talk time, Minho: The lightsticks are indeed pretty~~but then~~everyone here..are even more pretty~~~The fans all screamed~~Minho: AH~~~ (covering his face).
  • Forget if it’s during Beautiful or Sunny Day Hero, all of them walked to the center substage, Taemin stood in the middle, and he pulled Onew in to hug him.
  • Jongho who continued the crazy kissing game (Yes, you saw that right, today it’s Jongho!) When they sang Kissx3,Minho tilted his head, looking like ‘I have to kiss you back today!’, and Jonghyun said: “Dont be like this~~ Aiyo, at most let’s hug, it’s not possible to go further, hate you, you’re a guy, I won’t like it if you kiss me” while blocking Minho’s nearing face with his hands, Jong also stepped back. 
  • Key: Show us that acting like a cool actor would do!
    Taemin: I’m… already… pretty. Pretty?
    (The original line supposedly “I’m no longer a maknae”)
  • Felt that Taemin got tired, after Sherlock he had his hands on his thighs and panted quite a while, but after that he was high like usual!
  • Talk segment before encore-
    Onew: The next song is thousand years
    Key: How many years? Thousand years? Isn’t thousand years too long?
  • Onew was too hot he dropped jacket to his shoulders showing sexy muscles
  • During encore Jonghyun×Taemin walked at left, Onew×Minho×Key walked at right.

    Jjong picked up a plushie while Taemin walked too slow so he wasn’t in the camera view most of the time.
  • In the end it was still representative Key who expressed their thoughts about the tour. While he was speaking, Jonghyun criticised:”Of course there’s nothing new/creative~~” Key:”What? What? What?” (His face had the “Do you wanna die?” expression) Jonghyun: “That someone, that one, nothing.. nothing actually. You said it pretty well..” Jonghyun who was completely controlled. 
  • Key : “we will release a single in August! and the title this!” then Key points at the “Boys Meet U” tour shirt. Taemin : “Stomach?” I know Taemin means by stomach coz point in tummy LOL kiddy~ Jonghyun : “will be different with “stomach” the title” Jinki : “Hungry” seems Jinki and Taemin said had no relationship in there, their nature kiddiness so LOL ((0))***
  • Minho said “Only for you, kiss kiss kiss” (A line from Kiss Kiss Kiss) as he hugged Jjong to which Jjong replied, “I don’t like guys!
  • Taemin - “Everyone in the 1st, 2nd floor, can you see me? *mumble mumble* I’m watching over you from here~ *mumble mumble* My name is Eettaemin!!!” He then showed “Eettaemin” written on his cap.
  • while on encore Taemin see fan which has been wearing a hat that was penned as “I’m Taemin”

    Taemin : “I’ve watched that all the time, … I’m Taemin is my name!”

    Taemin was laughing with satisfaction while his name called by that fan.
  •  Jinki stroll Taemin like a baby today, but Taemin seems fall down twice
  •  Jinki stroll Taemin like a baby today, but Taemin seems fall down twice
  • During a ballad song the 5 of them supposed to walk in circle but Key was staring into space and forgot to walk
  • Taemin took SHINee World flag and waved it too hard that the flag enwrapped his body.
  • in big screen 2day, #Hyoyun are staring each other couple times, i dunno why but in 3days row #Hyoyunmaking lots of moments, soooo sweet 
  • During Start, Taemin appeared riding a Kids’ car, then Onew forced himself in the car as a passenger, after that don’t know why fell off the car.. Then Taemin picked himself up and continued to ride it, but he fell off the car again, and when he did Onew had a cheeky smile on his face.
  • towel color seems like yesterday but I don’t much pay attention

    Jonghyun in blue
    Minho in orange
    Taemin in purple
    Jinki in red
    Key in light green
  • During Start Minho waved the light stick in the opposite direction with others but Jjong thought he was the one who did it wrongly so he synched his move with Minho.
  • Taemin hold huge flag with SHINee WORLD logo. Those flag seems entangled in the body and he swing round and round vigorously!


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[FANACC] 130629 “SHINee World 2013 ~ Boys Meet U” at Saitama Day 2

  • Minho wearing wig pretending as a cheerleader in START. Jjong came closer, took the wig and attempted to kiss him. Then Jjong picked up the wig and put it back on Minho’s head. It’s cute how Jjong had to stretch out, hands raised up just so that he can reach Minho
  • Jjong pointing to those in standing area starting from below, “1st floor! 2nd! 3rd! 4th! Ah, 5th floor! There IS a 5th floor! Wow, there’s even 5th floor~♪♪” He was excited by himself with his eyes sparkling
  • Jjong took the towel that Onew used to wipe his sweat. Then, without wiping his own sweat, he went to Taemin and wiped Taemin’s arm, followed with Taemin’s neck and face. Taemin didn’t resist even when his face covered with the towel
  • Onew’s neck dripping with sweats and Jjong couldn’t ignore it. With his hand he wiped Onew’s neck upward, as if caressing it.
  • The five of them went back to the main stage for the final greeting. They all bowed, but only Onew and Jjong were holding hands. What’s more, their fingers interlocked
  • Onew was sitting on an apple prop during start. Then Taemin came to him, bouncing, and sat right beside him. They then continued to sing being like that for a while
  • Among the songs, there’s one where Taemin was in the middle, surrounded by the hyungs. Yesterday they poked Taemin. Today, as they came to him, Taemin went to Onew and hugged him right away
  • When they’re returning to the main stage from the substage, Onew jumped on Minho’s back and was piggybacked. Taemin quickly moved towards them but Onew got off before he could do anything. He looked a bit disappointed.
  • Be it the first talk session or the final talk, whenever Taemin said something Jjong would say, “No matter Taemin does he is always cute~♪♪”
  • During Hello, Jjong realized that his shoelace was loosened. For about three times, he squatted nonchalantly to tie it back. Yet he still failed and whenever his part came he’d be a bit hasty and laughed it off. In the end he just did it in the middle of the substage
  • During Hello, apparently Taemin made a mistake and sang a line in Korean
  • Minho: The next song really is the last song.
    Fans & other 4: Ehhh!!!
    Minho: It’s really the last song.
    Taemin: I hate such Minho~ 
  • During MC
    Taemin: Everyone here, I love you~!!!
    Jjong: How about everyone else who is not here??
    Taemin: Saranghae~!! 
  • When introducing themselves
    Onew: Hello, I’m Onew!
    Jjong: I’m Jonghyun!
    Taemin: I’m Taemin!
    Minho: I’m Minho!
    Key: …..
    Onew: He is Key!!
    Key: σ(^_^;)
  • Taemin: Those in 2nd, 3rd floor, can you see us~? I can see you from here. I’ll be watching over you from here
    Taemin: Isn’t that cool just now?
    Jjong: Like I said, no matter what you do, you’re cute.

    Taemin then showed peace sign and began doing aegyo.
  • Talking about Japan debut 2nd year anniversary
    Taemin: 2 thousand years… (2 sen nen)
    Key: 2 thousand years?
    Taemin: Yes, it was our 2 thousand years the other day.

    It’s 2nd year anniversary (2 shuu nen)
  • Sherlock… Minho’s jumping part - Onew and Jjong jumped together.
  • During Beautiful, Minho was earnestly rapping but at the same time…

    Onew, Jjong were fooling around
    Key was fixing his shoelace
    Taemin was fixing his clothe
  • Amigo Jjong’s part…
    During this part, Onew and Jjong were walking towards each other.
    Right at that moment, Jjong pointed to Onew as the lyrics went “Very sexy~”
  • Yesterday Onew said “Saitama Spa Arena”. Today he said “Saitama Suuuuuuuper Arena”.
  • Kiss yo…
    When Onew & Taemin were singing nonchalantly as they sat on the apple, on the other side Jjong & Minho was ‘fighting’ each other
  • Moon River Waltz…
    As he sang “As much as the stars” Minho looked up as if looking at the stars in the sky.
    As he sang “Will never let your hands go” Minho clenched his fist and brought it to his chest.
    Minho was so into the lyrics.
  • Taemin saw Minho and Key dance then he try to make imitate but looks strange.
    Jinki saw it and laughing Hisaronu. So Jinki come closer together with Jonghyun and make funny dance with straight face hiding behind the dancer.

    Once in a moment, not focusing the song dunno why while Kibum singing, Jinki approach and shake his body toward Kibum. Seems he wanna tese him. I can’t focus on the song but FOCUSED ON THE COUPLE ONLY!
  • A young Japanese actor (male), who is a fan of Taemin went to watch SHINee’s concert yesterday
  • During the new song, Minho grabbed Taemin’s shoulders and (pulled) Taemin towards himself
  • Jonghyun asked Taemin to repeat the ending scene from Breaking News(the part which taemin tore the paper). Taemin , who was shy , went : I am shy ~
    Jonghyun insisted. Taemin immediately changed his shy expression and instead ordered for Onew who was holding a towel , to bring the towel to him now !
    Onew listened to him and brought it to him.
  • Taemin : “In the future, please help with listen and download to our album”

    Taemin hand go to audience but not so lower.

    Jonghyun : “Oh, you hand need more lower, but Taemin-gun… it’s a little too much! (laugh)”

    Taemin : “this is fun” [재미 있네]
  • Jonghyun was blowing taemin’s sweat away for a long time.
  • Taemin found Jinki sitting on top when ‘Start’. Then sat down next Jinki ‘n jump with a smile. Rushed to Jinki in hurry. Jinki know fastly that Taemin wants sit next to him ‘n give a space with smile. OKAY… 2 ‘magnae’ sat 2gether in smile.
  • During the ending,Minho: The next song will be the last song! 
    Fans weren’t satisfied, so Minho pretended to cry: But that is really the last song.
    Fans continued to be unsatisfied, Taemin smiled: Minho-gun, I really dislike you being like that! Minho stared at Taemin fiercely,then continue pretending to cry: But that is really the last song!
  • Minho : “The following is the last song!” [tsugi ga saigo no kyokudesu!]
    PPL : “eeeee~~~!!” [eeeee~~~!!]
    Jonghyun : “Mino you, bad guys!” [Mino-kun, warumonoda ̄ ~tsu!!]
    Taemin : “that such Mr. Mino as I was know well~~~” [boku wa son’na Mino-san ga… iya~a ~da~tsu]
  • Taemin’s white shirt starting from chest down is transparent
  • Minho was given a forced kiss by Jonghyun. Taemin threw his lightstick to the front row

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[FANACC] 130628 “SHINee World 2013 ~ Boys Meet U” at Saitama

« Setlist »

<130628 ‘2013 SHINee World Arena Tour’ Set List>

I’m with u 
Keeping love again 


Sunny Day Hero (미공개 신곡)
Why So Serious 
Kiss yo 
Dazzling girl 
Moon river waltz 
Dream girl (Jap. ver) 
To your heart 
Burning up 
Breaking news 
1000years, Always be by your side.

Shinee World Remix 
Run with me
Boys To Me(미공개 신곡)


  •  Key dyed his hair to pink and also shorter
  • Today every one of their outfit looks really really good, beats that are too cute, mushroom car, coffee cup, apple car, slide, kids’ bike, all came out.
  • At the first MC/talk, Onew passed a towel to Jjong to wipe his sweat. Minho wiped Taemin’s sweat and then wiped his dirty hands on Key shirt
  • Every costume is so beautiful! They even brought out beautiful designed ‘vehicles’ and Bicycles on stage!
  • Apparently security is very tight today, not many people managed to bring camera in,those who managed to dont dare to take photos
  • To Your Heart army prints costume so handsome
  • SHINee sang ‘Kiss Yo’ and they were extremely adorable!
  • During Kiss Yo, MinKey kept doing “MUACKS”, OnTae were very cute and Jonghyun held Key’s face while going “i wanna kiss u” 
  •  During Beautiful, Key extended his hands and touched Onew’s hair
  • SHINee said it is too hot so Taemin and Jonghyun took their jackets off and were only wearing singlets
  • SHINee also mentioned that it has been two years since their debut in Japan
  • The last song is 1000years, always by your side
  • WSS live is very scary! Onew kept being cute! Jongkey had their backs against each other. A while ago during Beautiful, Key stretched his hand and touched Onew’s fringe. Kiss yo this new song is too scary! After singing “I wanna Kiss Yo”, Minho kept going “Mua!”, Onew and Taemin are too cute! Main point is, Jonghyun held Key’s face and sang “I wanna kiss u I wanna kiss u”
  • There are no solos for JAT 2013
  • During talk, Onew kept touching his ears and Jjong went “what are you doing!!” Onew: I’m wiping my sweat!
  • Jong: During my part,the members were randomly dancing and trying to distract me,but as I’m a professional,I wasn’t affected by them
  • During talk time, because everyone was sweating profusely for the previous few songs,and like what I said previously that Onew helped Jong wipe his sweat,then before they had to sing again, Minho suddenly touched Key’s body, from the shoulders and along the arms. I really wanted to ask what he’s doing. In the end I realised he was wiping his sweat on Key.
  • Key: Minho-gun, you’re touched today too right? Minho: I’m touched…. Key: (cut in) Ok I know that!
  • During Sherlock, Taemin took off his vest and threw it to the staff
  • Lee Taemin threw his singlet out during Sherlock! (Threw it to the staff) The main point is his action! Too handsome! Manly! Taemin is not a kid anymore!
  • Encore! All of them went into the arena area!! They Hi-5ed with fans as they pass by!
  • Jonghyun: Onew was really blur tonight!; Taemin: But I really like Onew being like this *Give Onew a hug
  • Thoday , they were super high ! There were a lot of different OTPs moments ! There were so many moments like one using the towel to hit the other’s butt , someone holding the other’s mouth when they sang “i wanna kiss you ” etc.
  • The fanchants are a success! Key is crying.
  • Jjong keep strangling Key’s neck and shaking him (for no reason)
  • During encore, Jonghyun suddenly grabbed Key by the neck and shook him, then the fansupport prepared by Japanese fans began! It’s this paper that everyone held up! Everyone got a shock, Key cried! Jonghyun walked to Key and told him not to cry. To everyone: Let’s say “Don’t cry” together! “Don’t cry!”~ Then the other 3 also walked there (towards Jongkey), Taemin also told Key not to cry! Onew even sang it! 
  •  Encore talk:Jonghyun shouted “I’m also very handsome right! I’m very handsome right~ I’m very handsome right~”, shaking his heads and prancing around crazily. Taemin asked the fans upstairs if they could see clearly. Jonghyun: How about 2nd floor? 3rd floor? 4th floor? 5th floor? 6th? 7th? (Actually there is not 6th or 7th, he did it purposely). So in the end he got criticised by everyone saying that he’s not funny yet he kept repeating the joke. 
  • Onew was so hot tonight with his hair stuck up to reveal his forehead
  • Key said he didn’t want to go home, and want to do it once again. JH said there’s still tmr but Key said:” Can’t we do it twice in a day?”
  • During phototaking, TM suddenly touched his hair and said “Ah! My hair” and JH went “Ah my face is more handsome than my hair”
  • right at the end minho twined his arm around onew’s and leaned in close then mino curled his other arm around onew shoulder^^ still leaning against him
  • During talking, Jonghyun: Whatever happens, it’s an injury to all 5 of us, and immediately said:”I’m handsome right? Handsome right?”.
  • In the end Jonghyun took staff’s DSLR camera up on stage and took photos with it, Taemin said to let the staff take (photos) and we’ll take (a photo) together. Then when they posed, Taemin suddenly ruffled his own hair and said “Ah my hairstyle!” Jonghyun said “Ah, my hairstyle, but my face is good-looking~”. Today’s talk time has a lot of funny points, many of them came from Jonghyun. 
  • Jjong who was touched at the surprise said that he wanted to capture the moment so he walked to the cameraman to borrow the camera. Taemin went after him, trying to say something in Japanese but couldn’t come up with anything so he said, “Uri” and gestured so then the cameraman took pic of 5 of them with the audience.
  • The support paper that was given out today was raised by everyone during the encore,Jonghyun asked what is it, after taking a good look at it all 5 of them were very touched, Key immediately cried, Jonghyun kept saying thank you, then he choked on one of his sentence, then he asked everyone to tell Key not to cry, and he also said he wanted to take a photo of everyone, so he asked the staff for a camera, Taemin said everyone take a photo together, then SHINee took a photo with everyone who were holding up the paper,Jonghyun said everyone is beautiful,the 5 of them gave thumbs up to every direction.
  • Taemin did Buing Buing today
  • "During that scary song, Kiss Yo, a few children bicycles were brought up to the stage. There’s a type where you have to stand on it and glide across the floor with another feet, not sure how to describe it. Taemin looks such a cutie riding the children bicycle ><! Jonghyun sat on the gliding one - but as it was difficult for adults to control a children bicycle, he kept wobbling and wobbling ah ><! ><! ><!
  • Jjong said “No matter what happens, I want to keep continue on with these five members” twice during encore talk. It was a nice greeting, but then he said, “Ain’t I cool?!” After that those words keep being repeated
  • Taemin supposedly say “I love everyone!” but Onew stole it from him. Then, Taemin made a second try but Onew and Key finished the sentence for him. Taemin then say, “I hate you”
  • During talk after Breaking News, Key commented, “How was it? The main point for this song MV is Taemin’s face at the end” then gestured for Taemin to show it. Onew went to cover Taemin’s face with the towel in his hand. Taemin then said, “I’m no longer a maknae!” as Onew revealed Taemin’s face and of course, it wasn’t that funny so not much applause. Jjong then said, “How cute” to cover it up. Taemin was embarrassed, turned to his back and said, “Please forget that”.
  •  When Key cried, TM said: “From today onwards, Key is our new maknae!” and JH added “New member! Our maknae!
  • SHINee’s words on the confetti Onew: I love you all Jong: Always thankful Key: Wish you’d be blissful everyday Minho: Let’s make more beautiful memories Taemin: Love you everyone
  • During Kiss Yo, Taem was given a tricycle like what a kindergartener would ride. He was just pushing it at first but then started to pedalling earnestly. Even after that he still rode it around the stage like a real kindergartener.
  • Key said in Japanese, “Ah, I already forgot Japanese” so Jjong said, “You’re speaking in Japanese now.” Key replied, “Ain’t I good!?”
  • During Kiss Yo, there were balloon bed and slide. Taemin jumped onto the bed and wriggled his hands and feet. Other members rode the slide normally but Taemin ran up and down. He fell extravagantly and laughed hard at by Key
  • Key announced that the next song was the last and Onew said that the next song was “Onew”. Jjong then said that Onew was a KY (can’t read the situation). Taemin - “I like Onew!” and hugged him
  • Key: Who memorized the album for today, hands up!
    Jjong: Who listened to the album a lot for today, hands up!
    Taemin: Who would never listen to the album from now on, put down your hands!!!
  • When Onew and Jjong came out at the 3rd row, Onew saw a sign asking for Taemin to make a heart so he did it in Taemin’s place instead.
  • in one song minho was playing with onews shirt and gesturing to him
  • After talking about Breaking News MV.
    Minho: Please look forward to our next MV.
    SHINee: …..

    Probably Minho carelessly slipped it out.
    However no other information was leaked.

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